St Mallory's Forever!


St Mallory's Forever! is the first book in a new series for YA readers. It's a mystery set in a girls' boarding school, written as blog posts from the point of view of our three main characters.

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When fourteen year old Helen Stroud finds herself starting yet another new school, miles away from her friends, she’s not happy. This time she won’t even get to see her old friends at weekends, let alone after school. Somehow her mum has got a job as music teacher at an elite girls’ boarding school, St. Mallory’s, and Helen is to be one of the boarders.
From “scuzzy comprehensive” to a world of Latin, lacrosse and ladylike pursuits, Helen blogs about her experiences, determined to reveal the truth about girls’ boarding schools to an unsuspecting world. Meanwhile her appointed “buddy” Abby has similar ideas. The two girls completely fail to hit it off, and it looks like lacrosse sticks at dawn.
But an unexpected mystery involving a missing teacher, a piece of music written by a composer after he died, and a boy from a neighbouring school who isn’t at all what he seems, brings the girls together. 
With the aid of another new girl, Confucius-spouting Xuan, and the irrepressible Don Pedro, Helen and Abby set out to show Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes how real detectives work. With hilarious results!
Jointly written by two best-selling novelists and two schoolgirl debut novelists (just 16 and 17 at time of publication), St. Mallory’s Forever! is the first of the St. Mallory’s comedy-mystery series that aims to prove one thing:
That everything you thought you knew about English girls’ boarding schools is wrong. Yes, even that bit