Monday, 11 April 2011

Oh, How I do Love a Good Plot!

Yes, you guessed it, I am plotting again! It's marvellous, it's fantastic, it's so utterly amazing that just hearing mention of it will make jelly beans squirt out your ears and choirs of angels will burst into epic guitar solos over your head while lip-synching Bohemian Rhapsody!

But enough about my plans for World Domination.

I'm here to tell you about the newest story I've begun to plot!

Now, as many of you know, these past two years of my life have been taken up by the adventures of a rather chaos-prone ginger bloke and his friends (and enemies xD), but recently, as I begin to wade into writing up the third and final book of the trilogy, I have begun to realise that I will, one day, need a new project to love, cherish and despise almost simultaneously.

So, you wanna hear my new idea?
Tough, 'cause I'm telling you anyway.

Deladier (pronounced: del-ah-dee-ay) is the last son of a very old and very rich family. However, having spent most of his life in a sheltered upbringing in his family's ancestral home in the country, he is unprepared when his father suffers a fatal heart attack and he must suddenly travel to the great city of Tesselen to take over the huge trading empire that has brought his family his wealth. However, unused to the treacherous intrigue, gossip and danger of the city, Deladier is all at sea as to how he is supposed to cope. His grouchy manservant Jeremy- who utterly resents being sent from his master's side to keep watch on his son - is no help, and the staff in the house - including the batty old Mrs Minch and the one-eyed, man-mountain Cook - do little more than frustrate his every effort to appear respectable to his contemporaries (not that he was doing a very good job in the first place). It looks as if Deladier is about to bring the family name crashing down in ruins.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, appear a motley crew of individuals the likes of which Deladier has never seen. Rembrandt, the charming young actor-come-wordsmith; Emerald the bright-eyed cross-breed circus performer and Andallas, the low-born clerk whose sole ambition in life is to impress the baker's daughter. They take an instant liking to Deladier, and before long he is the talk of the town and his family's business is booming.

However, there is more to Deladier's new friends than meets the eye. Dark things lurk in their pasts, secrets and felonious deeds that have nearly torn them apart in the past. And now, it seems, they threaten not only the future of Deladier and his companions, but all of Tesselen itself ...

It's only a very rough idea at the moment, but if all goes right then I could be in for a lot of fun. After all, everybody loves eccentric characters, and they don't get much more eccentric than this lot ...

Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I have a trilogy to finish *grins*

- Spook


  1. Dude O_O you SERIOUSLY need to talk to some publishers - if i'd read that on the blurb of a book in WHSmith or something - i'd totally be running to the cashier with it by now!

  2. Hehe, gotta write it first! Give me time ... and it shall appear in extracts, and then hopefully onto the bookshelves.
    Wait and see, wait and see *grins*

    Glad you like it though *blushes*

  3. Sheesh, you like the word 'however', don't you?