Sunday, 22 May 2011

*insert crazed smiley here*

Hello everyone! Guess what a productive weekend I'm having!

* I've polished my army boots, then put on some parade gloss so they're all nice and purrdy for when I next use them.
* I've tidied my room, including my exceedingly cluttered desk.
* I've spent ten minute disentangling my headphones, for the six-hundredth time this morning.
* I've written eight thank-you cards, hunted out my address book, run at light-speed to the post office to buy stamps, and posted them all off.
* I've put a load in the washing machine (and am now praying it will all come out again)
* I've sent two poems off to a competition, and now have to wait until mid-September to get the results.
* I've sent another poem in for a school competition, and am currently engaged in an email conversation with the teacher who runs the competition about its "Wordsworth-like" qualities (*faints with fangirl overload*)

Oh, and I've burned down a village and killed several hundred people. I think I may also have given someone else a heart attack.

... In the novel, you sick-minded person. But I still feel like a mass murderer.
Anyone else ever felt like this? If so, leave me a comment below, and we shall all sit back, sip tea and laugh about our sadistic tendencies while mercilessly sporking the waiters.

On another note, has anyone seen my medication? xD



  1. Wow - that's so much more productive than mine:
    *revising. - psychology posters and attempting to remorise quotes for exam tomorrow and seeing Johnny Depp... :D

    And later, watch yesterday's Doctor Who :D

  2. Seeing Johnny Depp!?!?! WHOWHATWHENWHERE!?!?!

    .... ah, I see what you did there xP

    Ah, Doctor Who, how I loveth it ... despite the fact I feel the need to create a sofa fortress and curl up in the foetal position after almost every episode.

    OMG, they killed Rory! xD

  3. Spook, they always kill Rory. ;)

    Today, I have:

    *Slept for fourteen hours. Well, most of that was yesterday. I went to bed at half past seven and then didn't go to school today so got up at about half nine.
    *Made a book! (Out of paper and duct tape, mostly. And thread.)
    *Read my emails.

    Not very productive.
    I have my good days...

  4. It wouldn't be an episode if Rory didn't die xD

    Noice work Del. We all have those days ;)