Sunday, 25 September 2011

Naming Stuff - The Vote Goes to You!

Inspired by the NaNoWriMo "Office of Letters and Light" blog post that I read an hour ago, I began to think about the names I have for various artifacts that I own. Almost all the cuddly animal toys I have at home have names (and they come from all over the world - and no matter what mum says, THEY ARE MINE AND I WILL NOT GET RID OF THEM!)
Sorry. Mini rant there.

But anyway, I was thinking about it, and it suddenly occurred to me how funny some of my names are. Here's the list thus far (it's pathetically short, because I don't actually own that much technology)

Amy Pond, the laptop.
Pippin, the Kindle.
Becks, the SatNav - 'cause she's a Becker, hee hee! And technically she's not mine, but I felt she deserved a place here.

That, and my family have named every car we've ever had: Purple Nasty, Great White, The Green Machine, The Grannymobile, The Sardine Can (which was a revolting little rental car we were given once, only one of the back set doors worked, the boot flew open at regular intervals, the engine was pathetic and it smelt of stale pee)

And those of you who read my written works will know how much fun I have naming my characters - some of them roam around nameless for days before I find one I like, and some of them are bizarre indeed. But I like them to fit, so it's worth getting them right. Besides, making up names is fun *grins*

But there's one sad, lonely little item I own that does not have a name. My much-loved iPod - a silver Classic, with a fair amount of scratching and bashing, but carried everywhere and testament to a thousand slain Writers Blocks and Suck Dragons. The music it contains is bizarre: Blind Guardian, Wicked, Voltaire, Within Temptation, Two Steps from Hell, Skillet, Enya, Clannad, Chris de Burgh, Les Miserables, Lostprophets, Nightwish, Heather Dale, the Lion King, Pirates of the Carribbean ... you get the idea. If it's not on a normal teenager's iPod, it's in there.

So, readers, I hand it over to you! What shall I call this long-suffering companion of mine? It can be the name of a character in a film or a book (one of mine, or one of yours, for all those authorly friends of mine), or just a name that you think fits! I shall pick my favourite and let you know the decision when it is made!

Now, I'd best post this before Amy Pond has another stroppy session on me - she doesn't like being back at school any more than I do.

- Spook


  1. I tried to comment yesterday, but nothing happened. Strangeness.


    I'm rather offended that I wasn't mentioned at all in this article! After all, I was the one who came up with the idea of you calling your laptop Amy, wasn't I? And you didn't even give Rory a word or two. I expect he's sulking. I can't tell, because I'm at school, but he probably is.
    *sad face*

    And as for the iPod, I think you should call it K9. Faithful, battered, electronic... what more do you need? Sure so it doesn't follow you around or talk, but hey, my laptop doesn't turn into a roman.

  2. Oh sorry! *hugs and sends huge amounts of TARDIS cookies in apology*

    Ahaha, oh I like it! I'm also considering St George from Elo, on account of the "slaying" it does when Writer's Block occurs. Or maybe I should call it Cillit Bang, 'cause it kills Block. Dead.

    K9 is the current favourite though, I think...

  3. Hehe, me and my family do this too. Mainly with cars (i've never thought about it for my computer/phone/iPod... *thinks*) My Dad named his car Arthur on a whim, so i demanded Mum name hers Merlin. Once i pass my driving test and gets me a car, it WILL be named "Excalibur". No matter how many funny looks my Dad gives me.

    K9 is a good one! Did you end up going with that in the end? or still thinking? x

  4. @Kirsty - Haha, same! Ahaha, oh that's so cool - Arthurian nerds ftw! xD

    Yes, I think it will be K9 thus far ... it's the current fave, though I'm still thinking ;)