Saturday, 8 October 2011

Of Plots, Posts and Videos ... and my inability to form coherent alliteration

Hey Peeps! Did you miss me?

Anyway, I'm back to tell you that, after attacking the main layout of the blog, I've gone and raided "The Plots!" page as well. On there, you can now find the synopsis of my NaNovel-to-be, as well as plenty more of my Other Works, which I have tracked down from around the internets. Go on, have a poke, have fun!

Also, I've spent the majority of this morning trying to upload a video I made on my camera, which will give you all a sample of my (bizarre) voice! However, the video doesn't seem to want to play the game. I'll keep trying though, even if I have to put it up on YouTube and link you there, even though that will have the Society of Illiterate and Inconsiderate Comment Posters up in arms because, as my first attempt, it's not very good. Still, more on that later.

In the meantime ... peace out! I'm going to go and get on with all the things I've got to do while I am temporarily free of my mountainous workload.


- Spook

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