Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Goodbye, Cruel World!

This week will be the death of me.

1) Up to five hours of rehearsal for The Crucible every night.
2) English coursework to edit (or, in my case, almost completely rewrite because I've gone about it in entirely the wrong manner) in 10 days on pain of failing the course.
3) A multitude of essays from my Philosophy, History, English and Ethics teachers, all due in for Monday.
4) Overwhelming amounts of homework set by my sociopathic Spanish teacher - all due for a day after tomorrow.
5) The three Crucible shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.
6) A paper-mache, sweet-filled gift to make for my friend by the end of term - including the buying of sweets, multiple layers of newspaper and paint and finishing.
7) Millions of tiny, irritating personal thingies that I need to sort out. Many of which involve the need to get into the town, which takes up time needed for the millions of homework tasks I have to do.

... Someone please kill me now. *repeating facepalm*

But, at least, there is some good news:
- I passed the 50k count last week (though I have since lost all enthusiasm for my project and have decided to move on to something new in order to break out of a nasty tangle of writer's block)
- Amy Pond has returned from the IT department. I won't be keeping her for long, as I'll hopefully be getting a new computer for Christmas, but it's nice to have her back. And I no longer feel so clumsy when I'm typing, because I have a proper-sized keyboard again :)

Right ... time to take on an essay and hope I can get most of it done before rehearsals.


  1. Good LUCK Spook.

    You Can Do it! *Elo and a host of other characters for a cheering squad*

  2. Thanks Elo *grins and bows to the cheering*

    Got some crucial work done yesterday, so all is well thus far *touches wood*. But there's a small audience coming to watch our next dress rehearsal tonight! o_O

  3. Whoa that's a lot of stuff O_O but hey, look on the bright side - atleast you won't get bored XD

    Best of luck! May the force be with you ;P

  4. Haha, if only I was in more than forty-five minutes of a two and a half hour play eh? Bahaha, I'm sure I'll amuse myself xP

    Thanks! I'll need all the Force I can get. Don't suppose anyone could lend me a bow, sword or axe now? ;)

  5. Who are you in the Crucible? We're studying it :)

    "I won't be sent to bed no more, Mr Proctor!" Ah ha ha ha ha ha :D