Sunday, 12 February 2012

St Mallory's Forever!

Raise your hand if you ever, no matter how long ago it was, used to read Enid Blyton books. My mum has a small collection of the Mallory Towers books, and, as often happens when I'm home for the holidays and feel at a loose end, I once picked it up and decided to give it a poke. To my surprise, despite the dated language and occasional overdose of twee, they were actually rather entertaining. Not in the least because the year I read them was also the year before I left for boarding school myself.

I find it strange there aren't more well-known books like this. True there was Harry Potter, but I wouldn't say that counts as 1) there were wizards involved and 2) the main point of the story was Harry's destiny, not things that happened to him spontaneously. Plus, I think we can all agree that Harry was, most certainly, male.

The sort of books I mean are the traditional "new school, new people, hi-jinx ensue" sort - a much-used trope today, though I have yet to find a modern story like this set in a boarding school.

So guess what? I'm going to write one.
But, of course, there's no "I" in "team". In fact, it wasn't even my idea really - you can blame Mark Williams for it all, I tell you! And Miriam Joy. The two of them were in it together all along *shifty eyes*

Long story short, this is where St Mallory's Forever! was born. The name is an unashamed mishmash of Mallory Towers and St Claire's - two of the most famous girls' boarding schools in literary history - though the school itself is very little like either. 

There's fishier things than late-night feasts and misadventures in the swimming pool going on at St Mallory's. At least, that's what Helen Stroud discovers when her mother goes to work at St Mallory's, and she is reluctantly dragged along behind. What's up with the bursar? Why does he keep appearing around the music block? What connection does he have with her mum? And where does Tim Morrigan fit into all this?

Luckily for Helen, fellow snoops Abby Roe - a long-time boarder with a habit of quoting Doctor Who - and Xuan - the multi-lingual wit from China whose innocent eyes hide a bright if caustic mind - are on hand to help. However, as the three delve deeper into their mystery, they may discover a whole lot more than they bargained for...

And guess what? They've got their own blog too! If you want to know more about the story behind the story, the writers (and we have four to choose from!), or simply want to say hello, come find is over on our blog at St Mallory's Forever! Miriam has already set up some wonderful pages and posts about the background to the story, the characters involved (both fictional and the ones holding the pen!) and - in her interview with yours truly - we've even got some teasers!

Deerstalker hats and magnifying glasses are optional, though reccommended, for entry.

- Charley R


  1. Heh, I spotted we had a referrer from your blog to the St Mall's one, so I clicked over to see what you'd written. I was reading this going, "I don't remember this post..." then realised it was new.

    Total fail going there!

    Deerstalkers (also known as death frisbees and ear hats) are definitely recommended, though we suggest you leave the harpoons at home. Cab drivers won't take you like that.

    1. Indeed. Though a shock blanket might be okay ;)

  2. I've never read Mallory Towers. I did read the Famous Five and the Secret Seven books. I loved them as a kid!

    1. Haha, hopefully you'll like St Mallory's then - our narrators are very prone to misadventure and mayhem, just as the Famous Five were on occasion ... though I think they'd never say "top hole" unless they were impersonating someone, haha!

  3. It's Nancy Drew over here, though not at all a boarding school... Actually those are books from My Mom's times... but I remember the ones I read where a hoot, even if I can't remember them.

    I seriously looking forward to these books, especially now that you've tantalized me with the fact I might be able to get them in print. Who knows you might be creating the series my daughter ends up loving (wouldn't that be a hoot!).

    As to a dear stalker, can I request one for my birthday or Christmas? I do at least have my own ear flap cap, though it's more a la Del's Mel, than Mystery person. *giggles*

    And now for the obligatory *SQUEE*

    :} Cathryn

    1. Hee hee, I hope you'll enjoy them when we've brushed them all up et cetera. They're certainly good fun to write - let's hope they're as good to read!