Thursday, 15 March 2012

Awards? For Me?

Would you believe me if I told you how excited I get to see my name mentioned on other blogs? Call me egotistical, but I do love knowing that I've made people happy enough to nominate me for bloggy prizes.

Now ... on with the show!

This pretty little picture is from my good buddy Miriam from A Farewell to Sanity, (who is by far one of the most awesome people I know) and, according to the rules, all I have to do is pass this on to multiple people, on the criteriam of awesomeness as interpreted by the recipient. Rightio then...

 The Director at "Castles, Quills and Cameras" - her posts always entertain me, not in the least because we share an obsession with Lord of the Rings and entertaining internet pictures.

 Farjag at "Ink On My Fingers" - because I love his poems. And his maps. And his extracts. And ... you get the idea :P

Georgie and Skye at "Further Up and Further In" - not only do I love and adore the "Beautiful People" meme, but the blog is just ... awesome. Seriously, go read it. Now.

Of course, that doesn't mean to say I don't love and adore you all for different reasons - I just don't have enough time and space to put you all up here! 

This second little gem is from another uber-awesome and sniggle-tastic pal, Cathryn Leigh of Elorithryn's Diary, who, now that I think of it, got it from Miriam herself. Small world, eh?

Anywho, this one comes with questions! Yay! Let me go and get my deerstalker, and I'll be on with it:

Favorite colors: Blue, green and silver. Or any combination of the three.
Favorite animal: Ferrets. Because they're awesome.
Favorite number: 13, because it must feel a bit left out as nobody else seems to appreciate it.
Favorite drink: Appletiser - basically fizzy apple juice. Love the stuff.
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, because I've never sniffed Twitter in my life. It looks far too difficult for a technologically-impaired ninny like me.
Your passion: Writing, reading and listening to music. Like the socialite I am.
Giving or Receiving: As I am not Santa Claus, or the Grinch, I really do not have the expertise to answer this one, hehehehe.
Favorite pattern: Celtic-style knotted patterns.
Favorite day of the week: Saturday, because I have enough free time to do things other than work! Yippee! And there's usually brownies for pudding at lunch time.
Favorite flower: I'm not really into horticulture, but the attraction of the gorgeous purple flower surrounded by nasty pointy things on a thistle has always been somewhat intriguing to me. Perhaps the fact that I associate them with northern England, which is probably one of my favourite places in the world (I want to live there when I'm older), also adds to that attraction somewhat.

I'mma pass this one on to Kirsty from the "Ramblings of Randomspirit", because her posts always bring a smile to my face, no matter how depressed and overworked I am. And, because I like to bend rules, I'll also give it to Miriam Forster of "Dancing with Dragons is Hard on your Shoes", for her incredibly useful posts on editing and assorted hilariously relevant pictures and images.

Hee hee, that was fun. Now, if you'll excuse me, I really ought to get around to that large essay on Augustine's theodicy of evil before my Philosophy teacher bludgeons me to death with a stapler. 

- Charley R


  1. that sounds like an essay that shouldn't be hard for you. Though you might get ideas. :}

    He he did you know the Thistle is the flower of the Dunbar Clan, because it's awesome pointiness hurt the feet of an invading clan causing them to call out in pain, tus alerting the Dunbars of the impending attack? *grin*

    I must say your answers are awsome, and some better than mine. I ought to have picked 13 as well, but 42 had to interfear the bugger. :} I think I liked 13 before 42, seeing as Friday the 13th in february was the bestest time to go to the goth club with my then bf, now hubby... (What I got to play dress up and no one cared how I danced.) *giggles*

    Oh and I too love seeing my name in other people's blogs. :} Especially when it come with fun descriptions like 'uber-awesome and sniggle-tastic' he he he he he (oh effort to not lol!)

    Your uber-awesome and sniggle-tastic pal
    :} Cayla / Catrhyn / Elorithryn

    1. Haha, good one that. Pity is, this is someone's solution to the problem of evil, not how to be evil in the first place. THAT would be an essay I'd be good at xD

      Oh really? Wow, you learn something new every day - all I knew was that the Scottish have decided that it's their national flower. Not that I blame them, I like thistles :)

      Hehe, glad the description makes you happy - I thought it was rather good myself. Not quite as good as "gigglishly adorable" or whatever it was Saffi called you, but alright none the less xD

  2. o.o I've gotten noticified!

    Thanks, Charley! And I'd have to agree, seeing your name on someone else's blog (and hopefully I'm not being prideful here), is so cool!

    1. Of course you have! And very well deserved it is too :)

      Oh yeah, of course - letting anything go to your head is a very bad thing in my books. As I said up there, I just love the thought I've made someone happy more than anything :)

  3. Congrats on the awards!



    1. YES! I love the stuff. So goooood :)

      And hello there! I don't believe I've met you before - welcome to my humble corner of the interwebs :)

  4. You know... I always wondered why you followed my blog in the first place, as it's not about reading or writing or whatever. In fact when you first started following, it was based around a bloody video game. It has branched out a little since then. But now I know it's the complete insanity of it all, Haha!

    I am glad it makes you smile though, thank you. Will answer ze questions... probably on Monday... maybe XD it will definitely be the next blog post, I just don't know when that will be. Fair deal? ;P

    PS. Appletiser is indeed awesome. But they need to make bigger bottles, consarnit!

    1. I don't ALWAYS read blogs about reading and writing and stuff - I need my daily doses of random hilarity too! I've got more eccentricities to feed than just the ones I make obvious ;)

      I concur - I hardly start to enjoy the bottle before it's over! What torture is that!?

  5. I feel loved ... you said I was awesome... *wipes away happy tear*

    1. ....Why would I NOT say that? I only speak the truth!

  6. Ahahaha.

    Ferrets? Really?

    Thanks for the award! Can I just leave my answers here?

    Favorite colors: green and red. But not together because then I look like a christmas elf.

    Favorite animal: I want to say something cool and different, but really I like cats. I like every kind of cat. (hahaha)

    Favorite number: 6593 Because when it shows up on a calculator all the numbers fit together like puzzle pieces.

    Favorite drink: Soda. Fizzy sweet goodness. Yum.

    Facebook or Twitter: TWITTER IS AMAZING AND I LOVES IT.

    Your passion: Writing, reading, and anthropology, which is really just a form of my obsession with knowing ALL THE THINGS.

    Giving or Receiving: I'm terrible at mailing presents, so I will have to shamefully say receiving.

    Favorite pattern: Mendi. Those patterns never fail to make me squee.

    Favorite day of the week: Whatever day of the week I get to spend writing and not going to work. :)

    Favorite flower: I'm going to be predictable here and say roses because my family had them in the garden, and my childhood home had a lot of wild rose bushes around it.

    Yay! That was fun.

    1. I luvs ferrets!

      Haha, the idea is you put the award in a blog post, then pass it on to more people! But your answers are awesome anyway - I totally agree on the looking like a christmas elf in red and green. I can't even wear red because it makes me look like a leper xP

    2. Lolol. I know! But If I did that, you wouldn't get your contests this week!

      One of the downsides of a regular blogging schedule, I don't always have space for awards. :( But you made me very happy with this one, thank you.


    3. Aww *accepts hug and hugs back* I"m glad I did. I'm starting up a new "regular" bloggie schedule now, which is proving ... interesting :P

  7. Congrats on the awards!! You sound a lot like me, based on those answers - some of my favorite colors are blue and green (also purple), my favorite hobbies are writing, reading and listening to music, and ferrets. Are. AWESOME! Me loves me my adowable wittle fewwet. (Yes, that was a bad attempt at an internet baby voice to refer to my little lion man, Felix. xD)

    Also, thirteen is definitely cool. Thirteen is the beginning of your teen years, duh! Probably the most exciting birthday of them all - either that or ten, for reaching double digits. ;) Nothing wrong with good ol' thirteen!

    Fabulous post!

    1. I wish I had a ferret! I have big envy of you for Felix - I saw the piccies on your blog and just about melted!

      Hehe, I rather like thirteen ... though I was a really peculiar child at that age. Not that current me can talk about "peculiar" of course xD

    2. Haha, that's better than my aunt's reaction...she doesn't really care for the ferrets. ;) All I can say is BUT LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!! My family has always loved animals, though, so...

      Hey, what's the fun in having a childhood if you can't be peculiar?! ;)

    3. True that! *sigh* I do wish my mad childhood had accomodated room for a ferret though - curse our constant moving house! xP