Tuesday, 22 May 2012

School's Out!

For Liam. Because I promised.

No more lessons, no more books, 
No more teachers' dirty looks!
Schooooooooooool's out for summer!
Schooooooooooool's out. For. EVER!

Well, not quite, but you get my drift. As you read this post, I will be wiping the last of the ink-stains off my hands, shunting the scrawl-covered paper into the hands of the examiner and readying myself for a Braveheart-style sprint out of the door, waving my hands over my head and screaming like a lunatic.

I will then go home, eat copious amounts of food, and curl up in bed feeling incredibly pleased with myself.

The perks of being a Humanities student really pay off when your exams finish just over a week before everyone else's.

And, of course, as I have this extended half term holiday available, I will be back to my regular posting schedule. I've got a few more "Charley R's Writerly Guides" ideas lined up, as well as the possibilities of extracts, the fabled reviews mentioned in my talking blog, and a planned cover reveal of St Mallory's Forever! - the much-neglected book that, I promise, will be finished very soon, and whose website you can find in the "Links 'R Us" tab at the top of the blog.

Oh, and did I mention driving lessons? Now that I'm finally old enough and (supposedly) well co-ordinated enough, I am now entitled to tutelage that will allow me to legally wield a flying metal death box!

My excitement knows no bounds. Much like my sense of straight lines.

- Charley R


  1. At last! Thank you.

    Congratulations on finishing school. I, being homeschooled, am finishing school incrementally; all of my subjects but one are gone from my schedule, leaving me much too much time to comment on your blog!

    1. Heehee, sorry about the delays, I'm a daft bat xP

      Ahhh, I see. I think homeschooling is illegal here in the UK ... or am I completely wrong? Still, time you have enjoyed wasting is not time wasted! ;)

    2. Hey, who said I enjoyed it? I'm not a wasteful person, miss. I do not enjoy wasting anything, least of all time. And yet I do.
      But yes, I enjoy myself as I waste time. BUT THAT ISN'T THE SAME AS ENJOYING THE ACTUAL ACT OF WASTING!

    3. So, you enjoy what you do while wasting time, but not wasting time because wasting time is wasteful.
      All makes perfect sense to me!

    4. Spookster, are you mental? Of course homeschooling isn't illegal - what on EARTH gave you that idea? My cousin was homeschooled a while back! (didn't work out, don't blame my aunt) It's just less common, from what I've worked out. Then again, I guess homeschooled people are more often on the parts of the internet I'm on.

      Homeschooling is most definitely NOT illegal. You're insane.

    5. I agree, Miriam, but should insanity be counted against our mutual friend? Pick something more insulting next time, would you?

      It makes sense to me as well, especially the way you explained it. I ought to come to you more often.

    6. @Miriam - OKAYI'MSTUPID! I haven't lived in this country for all that long ... and I do live in a bubble ... hehe. At least I said I might be horribly wrong!

      @Liam - Indeed! Insanity is no insult to someone who knows they are :P
      Oh good - I do like being useful :)

    7. You is not stupid, you is unobservant :D

    8. I lives in bubble *goofy face*

    9. Charley, where did you live previous to your current residence? I'm curious...

      And don't get a swelled head; you aren't that useful. You're just a diversion.

  2. Congratulations on surviving another year and living to learn to drive the flying metal death trap! It'll be a piece of cake. (So long as they don't make you drive standard.. but hey actually I finally passed in the standard.. funny story that one. Maybe I should blog it sometime. *grins*)

    Love the picture. It's so you! :}

    1. If by "standard" you mean with a gearbox and a clutch and shizz, yep I'm learning that way. It's more than something of a scary prospect xD

      Do tell that tale - I bet it's a good one :D

      Heehee, tell me about it. It's my desktop background :P

  3. Screw you, I don't finish for ages :)

    But you have to go back after half term, don't you? Otherwise that'd be an insanely early finish! (though I hear the Americans do it that way... still, look what happened to them *grin*)

    1. Yes, I do. I have to start my A2 syllabus, even the one of the subject I'm going to drop. That sucks...

      Ah, indeed *cackles*

  4. HOORAY! I can't wait for more Charley posts!

    *hides under Charley's house, waiting*

    1. What ... how did you get under my house? xD

      Hehehe, I hope you enjoy what's coming :)