Saturday, 21 July 2012

In Which I Am A Pony

The awkward moment when a bright pink pony from a childrens' show sums up this post before I've even started writing it. Curse you, fluffy-maned bouncing critter.

Although I may present myself as a bubbling ball of cackling megalomania, I will be the first person to stand up on a box and cry out that making people happy is one of my favourite things in the world. You'd be surprised how many times a week I will have people coming into my room, sitting on my bed and saying "Charley, I need a laugh." I don't quite know how I did it, but I seem to have become the aspirin of my house for moments when they need someone to turn on the proverbial light, and administer some not-so-proverbial hugs and laughs.

It's the same with my writing.

Although I do terrible things to characters, and splatter blood, death, war and lumpy custard far and wide, I do it for a reason. It's not the money, it's not the desire for fame, or even the fact that it would be a job where I could spend all day in my pyjamas and no one could tell me otherwise. While all these things have their attractions (the last one especially, must confess) my overall motive is very very different.

And no, it's not a desire for World Domination. Shock horror.

I write because I like making people happy.

Nothing in the world brings a bigger smile to my face than someone saying "Wow, I'm really enjoying this story!" or "Aww, I really like this poor character, why did you dye her hair green, she didn't deserve that!" or "Oh my gosh, I did NOT expect that platypus to come flying out of those bushes - great plot twist!"

Characters, you do not suffer for my own sadistic enjoyment . . . entirely. No, you suffer because I want to make a good story. And I want to make a good story because people enjoy them. And when people enjoy stories, I am happier than a field full of frolicking unicorns eating ice-cream with sugary chocolate spoons (and far less likely to develop diabetes).

I'm a sensitive soul, and for me, writing is one of the ways where I feel I can make a difference to the world. I hate seeing people sad or angry more than anything, but, seeing as I lack the powers that enable me to fix everything spontaneously, and that my plans for the ultimate takeover of the planet kept being waylaid by money shortages, mistranslation of my instructions to my minions, and spontaneous invasions of purple platypi, I've decided to start smaller.

Not just in my writerly works-in-progress. Things like this blog, for example. Everything I put here, I put here with the intention of making someone's day just a little bit better, though perhaps not in the conventional fashion. Heck, even my Facebook statuses were remarked upon by my companions as being very entertaining.

That reminds me, I ought to tell you all the story of the pillow saga one day . . . but I digress.

Though I may sometimes break your heart, bend your brain and make you want to murder me with a spork, know I do it all to bring some enjoyment to you all.

'Cause I love to make you smile, smile, smile, yes I do.

Anyone for a singalong?

~Charley R


  1. :D Which is exactly why we all love you, Charley dear.

    I can honestly say that every email from you, every post I read, in some form or another, makes me smile or laugh right out loud. And I'm ever so grateful for that :)

    A singalong sounds brilliant. ;)

    1. Yaaaay! *hugs you*
      Comments for you wonderful people always make my day :D

  2. YES!! When I read your blog I ALWAYS end up laughing, or shouting, or falling off my chair and saying, "This blog is so brilliant." I don't think I'll ever want to murder you with a spork. Just sayin'. And I'm totally all for it if you have a story where a platypus comes flying out of a bush. Man that sounds like fun.

    Keep making people laugh. I think it's the best and most rewarding thing to do in the whole world (it's kind of a big thing on my agenda too...but I don't pull off half so funny as you.) :D

    Darn those language mistranslations to the minions. They are the WORST.

    1. Yes, I do have a story where a platypus comes flying out of the bushes ... I think I managed to convince at least half of the characters in the party that they had lost their minds. Some of the other half already knew they had, so they don't count xD

      I wouldn't say so - a lot of your posts make me very happy indeed! And your comments always do - I love comments - so you DO pull off the funny. Because I say so. So there ;)

      I KNOW! You just can't get decent staff these days, can you?

  3. I know the feeling with people finding me funny and not really knowing why. Though people don't come to me for amusement (because I'm not sociable enough for that, it's a bit different when you would have to travel an hour to get to me), people continuously remark that I'm amusing - not usually intentional :/ Ehehe.

    1. Hehe, I'm not the most social of critters, but apparently I'm hilarious too . . . normal people logic *shrugs*

  4. Now if the song willl jsut finish loading... *sigh* I'll joing in that singalong... Is there a Purple pie to go along with Pinkie pie?

    I think I have to agree 100% with you on the reasons for writing. (Even if I can no long stand being in PJs all day - but the ability to dress in, say a Renn Costume, when ever I wanted would be cool.) *giggles*

    1. How would I know? I don't watch the show, I just like the song *grins*

      Oooh ... I could write in my swishy cloak and feel evil .... I COULD DRESS HOWEVER I WANTED! Oh my gosh, we could have different outfits for the different stories we were writing! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!

    2. And to have time to make those costumes!

      because you know I totally would dress up as the heroine for each book I was working... At least Rachael is easy - I've already got a pair of nice black leggins and slimming top (even if it's not long sleeves) that would work for a ship, jump suit. :}

      Hm... Do you have a swishy cloak?

    3. No, I am distinctly lacking in the cloak department, sadly. Curse you, lack of textile skills :P