Saturday, 7 July 2012

What do People Search For at the Leaning Tower of Plot?

Yes, yes, I know, everyone is doing these. However, as I am currently busy trying to organise two-hundred-plus parents and schoolchildren, as well as juggling the small bombsite that my life has become at the moment, I felt the need to fill the blogging void.

Besides, some of these are freaking hilarious:

Top Ten Blog Searches from the Past Month:

brushes photoshop rawr dinosaur - Fear not, oh lost dinosaur, I shall find your photoshop brushes!

saga dinosaurs turkey - Is it strange that I think this would be an awesome idea for a ballad?

fandoms - Are coming. Just like winter.

carcassone - Is not my name. Unfortunately.

dino go instinkt - Is this some unknown cousin of "Hulk smash"? Because if it is, I'mma start running.

{some indicipherable URL} - Probably a copy-paste error. Not half as exciting as it should be.

keep calm and don't by forever alone - Yes, yes, I am Forever Alone. You needn't remind me.

keep calm and carry on - Thanks for the tip. So original.

loki avengers creepy smile - What on earth ... how did you get in here!?

loki smirk - Don't rub it in, you mischief-making wretch. You're lucky you're so adorable...

So ... does this mean I've been officially Loki'd?

~ Charley R


  1. Personally, I think of it as a testament to your awesomeness that your blog would pop up at the most random of searches. See, world? It pays to be random! The more narwhals you mention, the more your blog is found by narwhal-related searches. QED.

  2. Haha! Loved it. One of our weirdest "search results" on our blog has been "teens in dress suits". As far as I know...we've never written ANYTHING that would bring up that! Talk about weird. :P

    Yep, you should definately write a ballad about "saga dinasours turkey". It just has this little ring to it... :]

    1. Most of mine have never been mentioned on this blog either - at least not in the same sentence. Still, the amusement factor is great xD

  3. Hey, TWO people got to my blog today by searching "mythology curses of egypt". I mean, just one'd be weird, but TWO?

    Oh, and then there's that person who got there by searching, "life isn't half as bad as they paint it to be".

    Or, "frost giant loki" and "loki frost giant jotunheim". But I think my favourite is "help me reichenbach feels".

    These are all from the last 7 days ;) (Because my blog fell off the search engines for a while as I changed my URL)

    1. Lawls, those are good ones. Your Loki ones make far more sense than mine xD

  4. Hmmm, looking at how your blog is found by searches is... interesting.

    top hit (with 3 people) - frog prince muppets
    One I like best - "twenty dinners one day"
    (one in quotes, two without - they must have been doing the same search as me. I wonder if Rachael Ray ever fixed the glitch, that made that edition of her mag not show up on her web page.)
    Most hilarious - it felt that way for a while
    Oddest - "i got braces" "my husband"


    Hope your organization of people goes well. I hear it's like hurding cats. :}

    1. Hehehe, bags and bags of cats. But it all worked out just fine in the end.

      As for those searches .... what on earth is this blog up to when I"m not looking? xD

    2. (You probably don't want to know) :}

  5. Eternal Giggles!

    Also, I like that most of those are dinosaurs and Loki. Very appropriate. :)

    1. I concur. No better things to have your blog laden with than Loki and dinosaurs :P