Saturday, 11 August 2012

Charley's Deplorable Awesome Emporium!

Today, I have decided to find a collection of some awesome things. Not in any particular order, or following any particular theme. Just some awesome things.

Hope you like them.

1 - - full of fun generators, pithy essays, and a thousand and one other tools for the budding writer. Flip through the site, and enjoy!

2 - Set Phasers to LOL - Sci-Fi and Fantasy geeks, arise! This place is just full of funnies. Crossovers, series in-jokes, ancient (and disturbing) covers, you name it!

3 - - the sheer gorgeousness of the art in here . . . it's beyond words. Every time I look there, I find myself wanting to buy something, even though I have nowhere near enough money.

4 - I Just Want To Be A Superhero - I giggled uncontrollably throughout this song. Warning: may cause desire to wrap a towel around your shoulders and run through the house making BANG! and POW! noises.

5 - The Thing - The Musical! - I never thought anyone could make this horrifying movie so hilarious. Guess what? These guys can.

6 - The Plot Hole - My Tumblr blog, where I post daft things that rarely have anything to do with writing, or life. Just brain splat, really. But I think there's some good stuff in there. If you squint.


~ Charley R


  1. You stole my description of my Tumblr - "brain splat". Ehehe :D

    1. But it's so pretty . . . and so accurate . . . and I do what I want.
      So there :P

  2. Ohh Charley has a tumblr blog, surely twitter cna't be far behind... *giggles* Sadly, I won't be joining you on tumblr as my brina likes to go splat off-line. :}

    1. Haha, I'm holding off on Twitter for a while - as in, until I start getting things published more regularly and actually have something interesting to write about :P