Saturday, 18 August 2012

Moving Is Strange

I just realised how strange I look:
- Sitting on a mattress.
- In an empty room.
- Surrounded by packets of antiseptic wipes.
- Opposite an open suitcase containing all that is left of my worldly possessions.

And then I realised how many strange things I did today:
- Scrubbed walls with the aforementioned antiseptic wipes.
- Pulled false coals out of an electric fireplace. Counted coals. Washed them. Put them outside to dry on newspaper.
- Chased invading moths out of the bathroom with a hoover, shouting quotes from Shakespeare's Henry V.
- Climbed into green wheelie bin with bottle of sink cleaner and rubber gloves. Scrubbed vigorously. Dubbed myself "bin-scrubber to the gods".

And last week:
- Stood on tables, attacking spider-web-fortresses with a fuzzy mophead.
- Spent two hours inside a kitchen unit, looking for lost kitchen utensils.
- Cooked pizza. On a barbecue.
- Packed cardboard boxes. Taped them shut. Cut tape open, put more things in, re-taped box. Rinse and repeat.
- Dismantled bed. Forgot that had dismantled bed. Fell over mattress while looking for bed. Hit face on wall. Cursed colourfully.

. . . What has happened to my life?

~ Charley R


  1. Haha. Moving is one of the strangest and most stressful things ever. And then there's that day before leaving, and there is literally NOTHING in the house, and I'm afraid to touch the sparkling walls... and the house echoes. You know you're moving when the house echoes. :) But at least you're going somewhere fun. Ah, I'd love to go to Germany... ;)

    1. Hehehehe, I've been to Germany so many times - I've spent 12 of 17 years of life there, or justabouts.

      And of course we're not allowed to touch the walls. I've spent three days SCRUBBING THEM WITH ANTISEPTIC WIPES!!! xD

  2. What has happened to your life? In short, Charley, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary for someone as weird as us.

    1. I suppose . . . but scrubbing walls? Seriously? My minions have the worst taste in times to take holidays!

    2. Indeed...

      Note: If I reply only "indeed" to a comment that might want more, it's because I'm cracking up.

  3. You're no worse off than my mother, scrubbing houses for a living, pretending she was Cinderella... (You don't think my imagination come from no-where do you.)

    Kudos to you fro putting some fun in there, despite the pure drudgery of the tasks.

    me and cleaning do not get alone... nope, which is why my Mother-in-law is a godsend, because she's helped with packing and cleaning three times now.

    And not a dish she packs breaks... the ones I pack... well there's a casualty list. of at least 1. :}

    1. Hehehe, I break a lot of dishes. Because I'm a clumsy nog. Broke three wine glasses last week as well. Mum wasn't impressed xD

  4. I don't remember moving, I was a baby, so yes... sounds very strange to me! :D