Thursday, 3 January 2013

Imminent Changes Ahead!

Brace yourselves . . . St Mallory's Forever! is coming.

And it's coming very fast. In fact, we're hoping to have it out and about on your ebook platforms by the 22nd of January, and available to order in print from roundabouts February, all going well.

All our latest news and excitement is, as usual, hanging about on the series' (for, yes, we plan for it to be a series) somewhat underappreciated blog. Here's a link to our most recent post, so you can catch up!

In lieu of this, of course, I have to start behaving like a proper adult. Promotions, biographies, banking, sensible shoes, and taking those pills those strange men in white coats left me last month.


Sorry. I couldn't resist.

That said, though, there will be a very very big change coming to this wee bloggie here. I'm going to be switching the URL.

As of 1830, GMT, this blog will be found at

I will, of course, pootle around as many blogs as I can to let you all know of the change, if you don't see this post. I do hope it won't mess up too many notifications, but as you all see me around fairly regularly anyway, I hope we can keep disruption to a minimum.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an urgent appointmen with a dinner queue and a Pop Quiz!

~ Charley R


  1. You @ needs to be a . my daer. *grins*

    Other than that, shall I Squeal or give you a Kermit YEAH, complete with flailing arms?

    Either way you get a *HUGGLES* :}

  2. Cathryn - she did the @ versus . thing on Facebook as well. Silly Charley.

  3. And now it appears I have to resubscribe... Silly Blogger!

    1. Charley is queen of the derps. She apologises.
      Sorry for the upset - it had to be done, regrettably.

    2. Oh, I might actually be able to get an email sub now -- mine broke when she last changed it and never worked again!