Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Personal Touch: A Little Promotion

Hello, I'm Charley. And sometimes I write books.

However, I am not the only human being blessed with two thumbs and a keyboard - and I have had the pleasure of getting to know a great number of enormously talented and really delightful people in my time on the web and beyond.

They write, too. And they're good at it.

Writing is, for the most part, a solitary sort of passtime, and one can, I think, become a little too buried in one's own work. Sometimes, when slouching onward through the great reams of blank pages that make a wonderful metaphor for life at large, it's nice to raise one's head and take a look about, to appreciate the work of those scribbling away alongside you.

* * * * *

FAUXPOCALYPSE: A Collection of Short Fiction about the End of The World That Wasn't (featuring Alexandrina Brandt)
If you ask me, that title alone could launch a thousand reasons to buy this book. The premise, born of the non-appeareance of the many Raptures, Ragnaroks and other Things Doom Related, is as creative as it is full of potential for marvellous tales.

Short stories, as I have discovered, are a marvellously helpful aid to the sanity of one who needs a fun break in the middle of a week that's biting down hard from both ends.

I ordered my copy of Fauxpocalypse yesterday. I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

{link goes to Amazon UK, but the book is also available from a US platform. Paperback and Kindle available}


Crossroads Poetry (by Miriam Joy)
My lovely co-author strikes again. Not only is she disgustingly productive, organised, and scornful of my pathetic attempts at convincing musicianship, but she's also a stunningly good poet.

I had the priviledge of being a beta-reader for this collection, so you might say I've a little bit of a personal bias on this front. On the other hand, from that perspective, I can also confirm that this collection is incredible. Honest, raw, beautifully expressed, and with a deeply personal theme at its heart, Crossroads Poetry is gorgeous. Even if you're not into poetry, I would really recommend it. It's punchy, powerful, and goes straight to the heart of every theme within it.

My personal favourite is 'Urban Angels'. Or maybe 'The Gendering of Death'. And no, that's not just for the awesome titles, either.

Still uncertain? Well. Here's a final piece of proof for you: check out the reviews! T'aint often an unknown poet gets away with two 5 star reviews in the first weeks of self-publication!

{link goes to Amazon UK, but the book is available across all Amazon platforms. Kindle only}


The Harvest Pageant (by Cathryn Leigh)
This sweet little piece has been hovering around the internet for a while now as the first (and, as far as I can tell, only, so far) installment of a series of childrens' stories to be published on a digital platform.

The Harvest Pagent is a fable, telling at once the story of a kingdom's major festival, and the story of the young boy who will one day grow up to continue its legacy. It's short, sweet, and really rather charming. If you've got kids or younger relatives in need of something to read, or fancy something simple and sweet for yourself, it's definitely worth a look.

{link goes to Amazon US. Sadly the book does not appear to be available on other platforms. Kindle only}


That's all from me for this week! Feel free to further investigate any and all of the links I have posted here, and see for yourself the awesome that lies within. I'll be back again next week!

~ Charley R


  1. He he, well I can tell you that the Fauxpocalypse collection is AMAZING (though I'm just a little bit biased, since my story is in it). But seriously, these authors are way talented. Very. Very. Talented. One of my favorites is Vodka and Watermelons. :)

  2. Ooh, I'll have to take a look at this! :)
    (And I second the bit about Miriam being disgustingly productive. :P)