Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Charley Reviews: A Video, Some Links, and My Face

And the award for longest time taken to finally get around to using a platform to the thing you got involved with said platform to do goes to ... Meeeeeeeeee!

Bonus for most unintentionally terrifying thumbnail known to man. Or woman. Or cat who just stumbled across your keyboard and now won't come out from behind the dresser.

Fear not, dear friends, I will not be reposting every review I do to this blog - that's what YouTube is for, and I figure that if you want to watch me review things you'll be over there already.

However, I will take this opportunity to let you know of this, and also to say that, even if you're not all that interested in what I review week on week, suggestions on what to read next - or at least things to add to the list - are always welcome here in the blog comments, on YouTube, or on my Facebook page.

Now, I'll not take up any more of your valuable time. I've two essays to kill off. Normal posting will resume next week!

~ Charley R

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