Thursday, 10 September 2015

At The End Of The Summer

This summer has been a strange one. Wonderful, yes, but also stressful, ponderous, enlightening, confounding, and altogether that weird state between too long and too short that comes with having a lot of things bound up in it.

I'm staring down the barrel of my final year of undergraduate study, and I've been thinking a lot about that. A lot of those thoughts, much to my chagrin, have been the sort of things you wouldn't find out of place on a wishy-washy Pinterest "motivational" pinboard: I'm not the same person that I was nine months ago, would my younger self be proud of me, where do I go from here and how should I look back on all I've done before?

Unsuprisingly, I didn't much like those sorts of thoughts. That's not the sort of way I want to think about my life. Luckily, out of the wishy-washy came some exciting new developments.

Firstly, that which is most blisteringly obvious, I gave the blog a makeover. A fresh look for a fresh start. Let me know what you think, dear readers.

I've also taken down my YouTube channel. From the beginning, I realised I wasn't coming across the way I wanted to in front of the camera, and simply wasn't finding the experience enjoyable or worthwhile enough to want to continue.

However, I do have a new channel in the works - one where I will have imminently more to say, and be far more comfortable with my method of saying it. Watch this space.

I also (finally!) got around to creating a Goodreads Profile. Here, you'll find lots of reviews, ratings, and assorted demented ramblings that aren't presentable for blog-dom. You can find a second link up in the "All About The Author" tab.

Most importantly of all, however, are the intangible changes - those which will affect the future of this blog as we know it. I have hit something of a burnout these past few months, fuelled largely in part thanks to the aforementioned existential angst. But fear not! For the Leaning Tower of Plot will rise (a little, can't go mucking up the angle and costing me an excellent internet handle) and forge onward into a bold new future!

A bold new future full of what, you ask? Well ... more. More book talk, more critical commentary, more of what this blog was made for: life, writing, and everything in between.

Hold onto your hats, folks. It's going to get good.

~ Charley R

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  1. I have to confess, the blog doesn't look wildly different to me! But I like the bookishness of it. Hope you get the YouTube stuff sorted as you'd like it to be sorted. I need to edit our Aberdeen video -- my editor was playing up the other day so it wasn't happening.