Friday, 27 August 2010

The Lithp of Dethhhhh!

I'm back again, spent a few days (from Tuesday to today) down at my grandad's on the coast. It was fun, got to help carry cartloads of booze for a party, made friends with a few ex-Marines and watched some fireworks... whilst standing on top of several large boxes of booze. Got a far better view than I expected, even if someone nearly did stab me with an umbrella!

Went to the orthodontist too... and the dreaded plate is in. No headgear yet (apparently they skuzzed up the pipes or something) but the plate is in ... and I have already developed a dislike for it. Not only does food get stuck in it (thus have I been reduced to eating soft food only) but I have also developed the most magnificent lisp known to man.
For anyone who's seen the Ice Age movies, I sound just like Sid. If you haven't ... ask someone who has.

Ah, but it'll all be worth it right? The salivating, teasing and irritating discomfort? I hope so, cause when this thing comes off the train tracks go on!

What fun I'm going to have showing my headgear to my friends at school. Can a boarder have no privacy? Might be good for a laugh though... we shall wait and see.

~ Charley R


  1. Headgear? Man, what does THAT look like? Is it like the thing in the (terrible) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film?

  2. Dunno, I haven't got it yet... thank goodness ;)