Saturday, 28 August 2010

Lethargy and Scribblings

Feeling a bit lethargic today, and I haven't really been doing much besides. Had a bit of a writing bonanza last night - what can I say, when the characters start getting vocal you gotta listen to 'em - so I didn't get to sleep till quite a bit later than usual.

Eugh, I feel really drained.... not very happy right now.

Aunt and cousins coming back up from Devon - apparently they're going to stop off with us on the way home. I reckon they might end up staying for dinner, they're a good way behind schedule. Mum thinks they might even end up staying the night. Meh, can't say I'm overly enthused by the idea, but it won't kill me, right? Even if I do end up sharing with  my brother (who snores) it won't kill me, just for a night, will it?

Barbecue going on tomorrow, lots of family friends coming up. Apparently one guy and his two girls are staying the night, either in a tent or being billeted to different rooms. Not that I don't love sharing my room with my brother (note the sarcasm) but I hope the weather's nice enough for them to go outside in a tent. Brother's quite keen to go outside too, so hopefully I'll get my room to myself on that night. Then again, the weather's supposed to be nasty tomorrow....
Ah well, whatever happens happens right? Just have to wait and see.

Going to scribble some more now - nearly finished writing Exile, which would be spectacular if I can get it done before school starts again, so I only have to post every now and again. Then I can get ready for NaNoWriMo and, if I have time, work some more on my newest steampunk project... it's rather a lot of fun and the plot's flowing nicely....

Anyway, back to the scribblings!


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