Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Final Night

And here we are, on the fateful night before I return to the dreaded school. What I want to know is, where have all my holidays gone? Ah, but time flies when you're having fun - or, at least, not working.
Still, it'll be good to see everyone again, won't it? And there'll be plenty of fun to be had with karate, CCF, D of E *groan*, and all the rest of the mayhem I'm likely to cause, won't there?

I doubt this site will be unblocked during the day, so my posts are likely to be a lot less frequent ... still, I'll do my best, and there's always the weekend (if I'm not buried in too much work by that time, that is)
Until then, I shall enjoy my final night of freedom by staying up really late ... and then sleeping in late too, just because I can xD

Still, time for some last-minute scribbling methinks :)


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