Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back To School and News on the Writing Front

Hey all!
Well, I'm back at school again - relieved to find I can override the content filter on the blog, so perhaps my updates won't be as sporadic as I feared. Anyway, finally got all my extra curriculars organised on my new timetable; Guitar, Speech and Drama lessons, CCF, my tutorial time etc.

Oh, and more good news. Just been over and had a browse through some new clubs that are being set up, and I've found one to do with creative writing! My Latin teacher's heading it, and I'm hoping some more people will join up. She said she'd email me the details later, but I'm happy just to have found something. Bit sad I'm too old to join the Book Club though, but I think I found something even better. Hopefully my writing won't suffer too much during school time eh?

November should be interesting, trying to write a 50,000 word novel amidst Scholarship papers and GCSE mocks. But we'll deal with that challenge when it comes :)

Anyway, happy happy happy for now! Let's see how long that lasts when the work starts piling up :P