Thursday, 30 September 2010

Experiments with Imagery

Today I decided to try a new experiment. Write a short piece using as much imagery as possible in less than 200 words. Hope you enjoy!

Rustle of brown paper as new boots are unwrapped for the first time, falling in delicate leaves of darkest brown and gold.
Leather creaks and toes wriggle gleefully as they explore the cavernous depths of this new, exciting place.
Smell of crisp autumm morning and whispering of leaves as they waltz in the arms of the wind, vivid red gowns skimming lightly over discarded skeletons of brown.
Delicious squelching and slurping as tiny muddy gremlins reach out greedily to suck at the polished black leather, licking their tiny tongues all over, relishing and savouring.
Hosepipe whistles as a silver jet gushes over the surface, scouring away the mud monsters’ prints save for tiny veins smooched into the creases at the toes.
New boots. Worn once.

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