Friday, 1 October 2010

My Newest "Gripus Maximus"

At last! The weekend is coming!
A.K.A - Yay! I can finally get started on my stupid History coursework! Yippee!

Oh don't worry, I will not bore you with those details. Instead I shall gripe to you about something else.

I'm writing a short story for a competition - the Golden Sponge Stick competition or something like that. Anyway, basically I have to write a short story, maximum 1500 words, set anywhere in the Roman empire. My idea is to write from the point of view of Stonehenge and describe the first time the Romans met the local clans. I'm going to take some poetic license and - as nobody knows who technically built or worshipped at Stonehenge - say it was a communal place of ritual worship for the local British tribes. That way I can show lots of different reactions from the different people - the Atrebates who welcomed the arrival of their trading partners through to the Silures, who were none to happy to see these invaders so close to their land.
(Just to put it out there, my ancestors were Silure ... althought that wouldn't explain why I have a Roman nose xD)

Anyway, it's proving to be a bit of a nightmare. I just can't seem to get the words right, but hopefully I'll make a start sometime this weekend. The deadline's not till December, so I have time.

What about you, dear readers? Any long term projects driving you mad at the moment? Feel free to leave me a comment if you do - I'd like to think there's someone reading this!!!


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  1. I thought we had decided why you have a Roman nose: your Silurian ancestor had an affair with a Roman soldier or centurion( if you want to be historicaly correct).
    And I'm reading it! (and no typos!!)