Saturday, 23 October 2010

Egads! Poetry!

Some little scribbly bits that's I've "doodled" over the past few days. They're not great, but for some reason I rather like them. Enjoy!

Paper Things
I have a little heart
Full of tiny paper things.
With their tiny paper bodies
And their tiny paper wings.
On their little sides I write them
My tiny little notes
My fantasies and dreamings
All my tiny little hopes.
I hold them close and tightly
For I do not want to see
What the light of day would do to them
If I should set them free.
But I’m hoping for a moment
Any place or time will do
When I’ll face the daunting task
And share my dreams with you.
Scrawny legs and dirty knees
Itching like a dog with fleas.
Shirt’s too big and boots too small
Wondering why you’re here at all.
Shivering in the winter chill
Tired, been put through the mill.
Running, shooting, following orders
Pretending you’re over enemy borders.
Covered in mud and camoflage cream
Hoping this is all a dream.
Don’t like it now but someday soon
You’ll be the boss of this platoon!