Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Brace Face!

Oh, the mortification...
Went to my orthodontist appointment today - missed most of my school day as a result, seeing as it's a two hour drive from my school to the clinic in Poole - and was presented with what can only be described as an absolute monstrosity.

Headgear. Horrible, horrible headgear.

It's utterly ridiculous. I've never seen anything quite like it - and I hoped I never would until today. There's a dirty great metal plate sticking out of my mouth, attached to two straps (one goes around the back of my head and another that's strapped over the top of my head, sort of like a skullcap). What makes it worse is that they've tried to make it less awful by making the straps out of denim material ... a bit of a failed attempt to make the experience a little less humiliating.
Still, if it fixes my teeth I guess I can put up with the monstrosity for a few months. I'm tempted to post a photograph up here, but to be frank I'd sooner die than be caught in that. Let's just hope there's no fire alarms this term, otherwise things could get very embarrassing indeed ....

 - Spook


  1. Aww, poor thing. But I must confess I can't tell what the link between fire alarms and braces is ...

  2. If we have a fire alarm in the middle of the night, I will have to run out of the house in my pyjamas. Unable to put on a jumper to keep out the cold. Standing in the middle of my friends. In plain view of everyone.