Sunday, 10 October 2010

A New Project!

Aaah, the weekend at last! Finally, a chance to finish of my pesky homework and get down to some proper scribbling! Today has been a good day and at last I have started on a new project! My new "friends" have seized my brain cells and are shaking them until they get what they want - and I'm loving it! I'm making maps, character descriptions, setting details, hierarchies and all sorts of fun things. I've even tapped out a beginning for the story - although I doubt I'll go much further with that till I've settled everything else.

Here's a little extract for you:

The birds were at it again. Myvanwy snarled and shoved a pillow over her ears, wishing that, for once, the creatures would shut up and leave her in peace. Stupid feathery pests, she thought, why can’t they go and chirp through someone else’s window? It’s too bloody early for this!
However, the birds only seemed to sing louder. Myvanwy swore, snatched up a glass from her bedside table and hurled it towards the window. Her aim was off, and instead the fragile crystal slammed into the wall and shattered, the tiny pieces turning into a shimmering rainbow as they clattered to the floor. Great, now not only had the birds woken her up, but she’d have to clean up that glass before the Matre saw it or she’d be in real trouble. Myvanwy had scarcely been awake five minutes and already the day was turning into a disaster.

This is, of course, from the very beginning of the story. Myvanwy here is my MC (my first female MC for quite a while actually!) and she's brilliant fun to write. Wish me luck!



  1. Fun start :)

    May I ask how you pronounce Myvanwy?

  2. Thank you! I'm certainly having fun writing it ;)
    To the best of my knowledge, it's pronounced "Miv-ann-wee"... I might have to put in a pronunciation guide at the back, if I ever finish the thing xD