Thursday, 7 October 2010

Stage Stress

Phew! What a night!
Just been rehearsing for Inter House Drama competition for the past hour. We're doing Othello, using the two final scenes of the play for our pieces. Now, with four people "dying" - well, sort of in one case - and lots of running, yowling and stabbing to be had, it's a slightly chaotic piece of work. Plus there's the usual "I forgot my lines!" and "I'm in the wrong place!" dramas....
Now, to top it all off, it has been decided that, rather than pretending to be dead, Iago has to limp off stage at the end (he's not actually dead, which is the whole point of the play, as it's one of the only few where the villain lives and the hero dies!)
Guess who's the lucky Iago in question? You guessed it. Me.
If it works, it's gonna be brilliantly scary. If it doesn't ... I don't even want to think about it.

Wish me luck! It's tomorrow night as well! *panics*

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