Sunday, 31 October 2010


Sorry, I couldn't resist that title (I think I may have heard that Christmas song one too many times)

However, joking aside, NaNoWriMo is indeed upon us. I like to think I'm ready for it - with all my little bios and fiddly bits to help me try and keep the plot continuous and fend off those irritating little inconsistencies that keep cropping up in Warrior (*cough*Kairin'seyes*cough*).
I have a plot, I have characters, I have a setting, I think I know what I'm doing... it's gonna be fine, right?

Wish me luck! I'll try to post up some little updates as I go, but with everything else that's going to be happening this November (mocks, scholarship, CCF, Xmas party, Secret Santa, House competitions etc etc) I don't know how successful I will be. Something tells me my social life will suffer nastily. If I can't get enough done during the week, I fear my former free time at the weekend will be taken over.

I haven't even started, and NaNo is already going to kill me. Not a good sign.

For anyone intersted in joining, here's a link to the NaNoWriMo site!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and pack. Funny how November 1st is the day I go back to school as well as the day NaNo starts.... I sense doom impending.


  1. Good luck, Spook! Every year, I think about doing NaNoWriMo. And every year I talk myself out of it. My excuse this year is that I've already started on my novel and if I follow the rules, I have to start from scratch. Instead, I'm going to follow the timeline and try to finish my novel by the end of November. Given how poorly I've done so far, I think it's a reasonable challenge for me. Keep us informed on how you're doing and post your word count when you can. We're cheering for you!

  2. Thank you! I will update you at regular intervals (namely, when I hit certain wordcounts) ... I'll need all the cheering I can get at this rate!
    - Spook