Friday, 29 October 2010

Piccie Time!

Having finally persuaded my laptop that my camera does actually exist and that it really can import the photos, here are a few of my selected favourites from my misty homeland.

                                     We'd just come out of the mine for this one ... I liked the flag.
 Nice view of Swansea Quay here, standing on top of the Mumbles.
 View from one of the beaches we visited (I can't spell the name - too many Ls in it!)
 Wyrm's Head on the Gower - silly random man spoiled my picture! Gah!
 My Grandad, coming down the hillside at great speed - hee hee hee!
 Very misty view from the top of a hill in Swansea

A rather attractive old castle - apparently this one was attacked by angry locals rather frequently during the Norman conquest, so it was a pretty solid little structure!

Well, there you have it! These aren't all my pictures of course, but they are my favourites. I have some very ... interesting ... pictures when we were up in the valleys (namely the Rhonva and another one I can't remember) but you can't really see anything aside from a few trees and rather a lot of mist. Lovely Welsh weather eh?


  1. Indeed, the lovely Welsh weather :) I wonder why the dragons like it so much? Surely their fire would be extinguished?

  2. I think they must like it because the mist hides them so no stupid men in tin cans can come gallumphing in and try to slay them.

    Ah, but dragon fire comes from inside the dragon and, presumably, is powerful enough to go through the mist ... or perhaps it's all the extinguished dragon fire that makes all the mist xD

  3. '... standing on top of the Mumbles'

    I like the sound of that. Also, I really liked that picture.

    Thanks for sharing, I love looking at pictures like these :)