Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Grandmother of All Guilt Trips ... and More Wordcount Updates!

Wordcount: 35,042.
Plot stoppages: 3
Arguements with self: 14
Arguements with characters: 26
Arguements with no-one in particular: Far too many to count.
Mental Meltdowns: 1

Yes, that's right, I finally had my first novel-induced meltdown. I just finished writing a particularly painful scene (both in sense of emotion and in how hard it was to write) and I broke down and cried. Proper crying as well. I've done worse things to fictional people, but for some reason this really upset me.
The grandmother of all guilt trips has descended on me.

I cannot believe a bunch of fictional characters have driven me to teary-eyedness. I guess I'm more into this story than I thought....

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need some more tissues and a woobie.



  1. Hey, I have to kill my character at the end, and it's not even my decision. That's what actually happened. I can't back out of it at the last minute -- everything is documented: where he died, who killed him, where he was buried....

    I will need help.

  2. True, true... I think we'll both be sobbing wrecks by the end of this. I think the worst part is how cruel I'm being in killing this poor fella off - think Jenny's death-esque, but with more blood and screaming.

    Still... I'd best go and finish the job.