Sunday, 14 November 2010

"Soldier" - a poem for Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day. That will mean something different to all of you, I know. Having grown up in an army family, I've always been very aware of how wars and death affect people - and I know it may one day affect mine too. So here's a poem I wrote today for all the soldiers - not just those in the World Wars - but for all soldiers who've fought and died for their countries.

I stood at your graveside,
So many years before.
And as I stood I wondered,
What were you fighting for?

A flag, a friend, a country?
Or a higher, heavn'ly call?
Or were you simply fighting
For no reason, weren't you all?

You were only seventeen,
Or so your gravestone read.

Your name was simple, like the cross,
Stark white above your head.

Did you have a lover,
Waiting for you back at home?
Or did you leave a brother
To face the war alone?

I'll never know your answer,
But, I promise, this November
I'll wear my poppy proudly,
To show you I remember.