Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wednesday Randomness

I don't think I have ever felt quite so happy for a long time. Here I am, in the middle of my GCSE mocks ... and I have no exams today! That means I might actually have a chance to do some proper revision! (and perhaps get my NaNovel up to 50k, or at least a bit closer ... come on, you can't expect me to concentrate all day!)

Oh, and on that note, thanks to some mad "Write Or Die - ing" last night, my novel is now passed 46k! I'm on the home straight! Whoo!
I've even managed to get into "Phase Two" of the plot ... and there's going to be a surprise twist at the end, which I hope future readers will like *wink*

This will sound really cliche and silly, but I think I might actually try and get it published. After extensive editing of course, it's a load of twisted evil mumbo jumbo right now - but I think it might actually work. It's a fairly original idea and (thanks to advance warning from Del) is a lot less like a rip-off Shade's Children than I feared it might be. It's also a lot darker and freakier than I thought it would be, but I blame the characters for that one (as I do for everything).
But that's a long way off now, and at the moment I have more important things to focus on. Such as setting the causes of the First World War to a catchy jingle in preparation for my second exam on Friday ... anyone know any words that rhyme with "Belgium"?

- Spook

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