Thursday, 18 November 2010

Veni! Vidi! Scripti!

Okay, so that's not proper Latin, but guess what everyone?
This is the part where we all burst into happy song and dance routines, shower each other with confetti , devour unseemly amounts of junk food and drink copious amounts of sugary fruit juice.

The only thing spoiling my mood?

The story's not finished yet. I still have about a third (well, maybe a bit less than that. A quarter and a bit?) of the plot to get down on the page. I doubt it'll ever be enormous (looking at you Del, *coughcough*) but I do want to actually finish the story, you know?
Some of my friends have already agreed to give the thing a read when I'm done ... so I want to finish it so they're not left with an irritating I'm-not-done-yet-bear-with-me ending.

Still.... my first year doing NaNoWriMo and I won!
Good omens? I hope so.


  1. And well ahead of schedule, no less! Well done, Spook!!

    Now finish it. :O)~

  2. Yes ma'am! *salutes and runs off, wielding a spork to prod the plot into motion again* xD

  3. *looks away, whistling innocently*

    'Tis a pity I can't whistle, isn't it? Oh, and I'm not quite so innocent in this case ... :/

    Looks like I'm gonna be killing off my character again, I feel very guilty.