Saturday, 20 November 2010

Harry Potter and Spooky Klutz-er

Anyone else seen the newest Potter film yet? Well, I didn't think I was going to either until my Mum announced that we were going to see it today. I nearly shot through the car roof with excitement - half my friends were going to see it and, despite having read the book, I was gutted I wasn't going to be able to natter about it with them afterwards.

My verdict? Absolutely epic. Probably one of the few films that actually sticks to the plot properly (for the most part, they cut some bits, but they were understandable)
And the ending .... if I didn't know what was going to happen at the end, I think I might have died of Cliffhanger Overdose. I nearly cried for poor Dobby *sniffles*
But I do love Bellatrix Lestrange though. Love to hate her, that is. And the actress is fantastic too.

On another, less magical note, I've also managed to create chaos today. Here's how ....

We went to our local Co-Op before the movie to get some sweets, because the ones in the cinema are ridiculously overpriced. As I went to pick my selection (Starbursts, for those of you who want to know) from the shelf ... I broke it. Well, not the shelf, but the front part where all the prices and stuff are displayed? Yeah, I pulled it right off. And couldn't get it back on.
And it doesn't end there. When we got to the cinema, I sat down to open my sweet bag and ... BANG!
It exploded. The sweets went absolutely everywhere - thank goodness I was wearing a hoodie so I had somewhere to put them! Now I know why the world needs pockets. No wonder my family worry about me eh?

Anyway, all in all a fantastic (if slightly destructive) day out.

P.S I want a thestral.

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