Thursday, 9 December 2010

What Goes on in My Head to Produce Poems like This?

A slightly worrying poem I doodled in English, written to follow the pattern of "Time" by Allen Curnow. Gotta worry about my mental state eh? I couldn't quite think of an appropriate title, but I think it would probably be something like paranoia or guilt ... I dunno, see what you think!

I am the noises you hear in the night,
I am the shadows that swallow the light,
I am the plague, the sickness, the blight.

I am the monster under your bed,
I am the voices inside of your head,
I am the mem’ry of all that is dead.

I am the letter you’re too scared to send,
I am the grief your mind cannot mend,
I am the traitor you once thought a friend.

I am the doctors who check on your health,
I am the false friends after your wealth,
I am the knife, the assassin’s stealth.

I am the footsteps that follow you now,
I am the motive, the when and the how,
I am the cost of the king’s shining crown.

I am the screams and the grief-stricken shouts,
I am the fear that puts an army to rout,
I am the maze, one way in, no way out.

In shadowy corners, at the door, on the stair,
Wherever you look, I wait for you there.

Your constant companion, the very last one,
I know your secrets.
I know what you’ve done.


  1. Paranoia sounds about right...
    PS: I'm a li'l bit in awe of your writing.. You write so well!! Really nice.. :)

  2. Spook, I've told you not to write poems about me!

    *evil cackle*

  3. Haha, what can I say, you're my muse Del xD