Saturday, 11 December 2010

Behold! Tis I! In a Swishy Cape!

Aha! Thou shalt not defeat me, oh thou dull laptop! I told you that camera existed, caudex!

Sorry ... bit of a victory rant there. Either way, here are a few pictures to amuse you of me in my epic Zorro costume in my house Christmas party on Friday night. I won second place in the costume competition too!

And don't get me started on how many times I fell over that bleeding cape ...

Behold my fearsome weapon!
Okay, so it's a stick and half a Pepsi bottle covered in tin foil. I was still proud of it!


"Why hello there ...."

Whoa ... scary close up!
"Mwua ha ha ha ha!"

And there you have it, Spook in a Zorro outfit! I dyed my hair black as well ... my Mum laughed so hard she nearly fell over. Ah well, it'll come out in a few washes ... won't it? o_O


  1. awesome! hey check this out please?

  2. @Monica Thanks! I had so much fun with that xD

    @Matt On the case!