Thursday, 17 February 2011

"Paper Things" - a poem

Before you ask, yes, I do have confidence issues xD

Paper Things
I have a little heart
Full of tiny paper things.
With their tiny paper bodies
And their tiny paper wings.

On their little sides I write them
My tiny little notes
My fantasies and dreamings,,
All my tiny little hopes.

I hold them close and tightly,
For I do not want to see
What the light of day would do to them
If I should set them free.

But I’m hoping for a moment,
Any place or time will do,
When I’ll face the daunting task
And share my dreams with you.


  1. There's no reason for you to have confidence issues, Spook. You're a marvelous writer. I love this piece. It's far wiser than your years.

  2. Thank you! That gave me warm fuzzies *grins*