Friday, 4 March 2011

Charley's Spectacular Skiing eScapades! - With Piccies!

Hallo everyone!
Long time no see, eh? Well, I'm glad to say the reason for my absence is a lot more exciting than usual this time. Rather than the normal "I'm overworked" or "I'm having a hard time" or "I've been abducted by giant green aliens who are interrogating me as to the whereabouts of the world's largest store of jelly babies", I was, for once, doing something very exciting.

I was on a skiing holiday in France! Termignon, Val Cenis, to be exact.

I won't bore you with a blow-by-blow account, but I can tell you that it was terrific fun. I haven't been skiing for years, and I'm happy to say it didn't take long to remember the knack of it. Unfortunately, I also regained my talent for spectacular crashes. "Le crashing rosbif" was my nickname amongst the locals, many of whom knew me by name by the end of my visit (such was my fame, haha!)

This piccie here was taken at the base of a 4-and-a-half foot jump at the edge of one of the "green" learner slopes. Typical of my brother (the dude in black just above me) to find something to vault off! Being the brave  *cough*stupid*cough* creature that I am, I went first .... this isn't my actual landing position, but can you see those skid marks near me? Those are the lovely imprints of the spread-eagled imprint I left in the snow. My mother says she wishes she had a picture .... Heh heh heh.

My cousin (one of the two we were skiing with) said to me: "Charley, no offence, but you look like you're about to rob a bank." I don't know whether that's a compliment of my sinister-ness, or a worrying thing to say for a nine year old .... either way, here I am ready to head off down the slope!

It may interest you to know that, about half an hour after this picture was taken, one of my skis was embedded in the mountainside, while I was face-down in the snow about fifty meters below, being gaped at by some very confused Frenchmen.

I did other things besides crash, though (although it must be said that was probably my main activity). In lieu of my upcoming GCSE exams, I did actually manage to make myself sit down in the afternoons and do some proper work. Six Maths papers, two Physics papers and three pages of memorised Latin set-text over the course of six days ... not bad eh?

I believe I may also have eaten my entire weight in strawberry-jam-smothered croissants. When in France ....

Anyway, back to the daily grind! Got to prepare for my Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition on Sunday. Two full days walking (about 16k per day) and a night with temperatures that promise to drop as low as -2 degrees C .... fun fun funs.

~Charley R

P.S. Yes yes, I know my title doesn't alliterate properly ... I get points for trying, right?


  1. I'd take it as a compliment to your sinister-ness. Little cousin obviously sees your evil-genius-potential XD

  2. Glad you had a good time! I would also take it as a compliment, it's always good to have your sinister-ness appreciated by younger relatives. :')

  3. Hee hee, thanks guys. I think I will *grins* xD