Friday, 11 March 2011

Hang In There World!

First earthquakes, now tsunamis. Poor old Japan has taking a really horrible battering these past two days, and I pray to God the damage and loss of life is not too much for them to cope with, especially in this horrible global economic situation. I can't help but bite my nails and feel my eyes tingling when I hear reports of the damage and deaths that have struck the city since that monster of an earthquake shook the country up, and then yet more chaos as tsunamis smacked into the coastline.

But that's not all I'm worried about. I'm worried about the other countries too, the ones that have started evacuating people from the coastline because the quake may have sent yet more tsunamis in their direction. 

I'm scared.

I'm scared that Japan won't be able to cope with the horrific damage and loss of life these disasters are going to cause.
I'm scared that other places will be damaged too, places that can't afford to help themselves.
I'm scared that countries like Britain and the USA won't be able to help them because they barely have enough money to support their own economies.
I'm scared that people are going to get hurt, that they will lose their homes, livelihoods and loved ones and be left grief-stricken and destitute as their countries struggle to come to terms with the carnage.

And it's killing me that I can't do anything to help. Nothing physical that is - believe you me, if I could wave some sort of magic wand and repair all the damage, heal all the injuries and bring back all those who have been killed, I'd be waving like there was no tomorrow.

But I can't. 
All I can do is hope, pray and cross my fingers and wish with all my might that the nations of the world can, somehow, pull together and help each other through this terrible disaster.

Hang in there world! We can do it if we do it together!

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  1. N'aww. :)
    Japan will be okay, they are like the most adaptable countries on the planet. Look how they coped after the nuclear bombs. It's sad about the dead, but that area is used to it. They're already evacuating/evacuated Hawaii.
    Just do some fund raising! :D