Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Villain is Scaring Me ...

Is it wrong to be exceedingly worried about the sadistic tendencies of a fictional character?
Well, what about if that character is one you made up yourself?

Yes, believe it or not, one of my own creations is starting to give me the willies. To anyone who is familiar with my "Aeserion Trilogy" and has read the second book, "Exile", then you'll doubtless be familiar with Danail. He's the problem.

To those of you who have not yet been introduced to my supreme git of a creation, you may be a bit mystified. However, to avoid boring you all with something you'd rather not know, suffice to say he's a second son of a powerful man and was, until recently, going to take over from a local warlord, 'cause he had no sons of his own and Danail was the nearest available kin. Unfortunately, said warlord's son reappears on the scene (don't ask me to explain that, read the trilogy if you want to know!)
Now, Danail's a wee bit peeved at this unexpected turn of events. So peeved in fact that he conveniently disappears during an ambush in the woods, then shows up at the last second and tries to shoot both the warlord and his unwanted rival.

I'm sure you're wondering how such a lovely personality could become any more unpleasant than he already is. After all, he's already shown to be a sneaking, traitorous, murdering, scheming, snarky little rat in "Exile", how could he get any worse in "Legend"?

Well, he has. He started out as one of those "I don't like you much Mr Hero, and I'm going to do all in my power to make life uncomfortable for you" types. You know, the guys who put fleas in your matress and hang your underpants from flagpoles for laughs. But he hasn't come out that way on paper. Oh no, he's getting more and more evil by the chapter! Looks like my (supposed) main antagonist might have some competition. He's already turned into an arsonist - I've got five villages burnt in only ten chapters! - and now he's getting really nasty ... I won't give anything away, 'cause that would spoil the plot, but some of the sick, evil and twisted things he's hissing in my ear are freaking me out!

Think heads on pikes and bloody guts strewn from trees, and you'll get the sort of inclination he's showing.

Should I be worried yet?

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