Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Multi-Purpose Post!

Well, would you look at that, a dual-purpose post!
Merlin's Underpants, this is exciting!

Anyway, as well as being an obligatory "I'm not dead yet!" post, this little monster also serves a couple more purposes ...

The first, and most important, is to let all you lovely people know that "The Scribblings" tab is finally up and running! Sorry that only two of the works have links - I haven't finished writing Legend yet, and I never posted the NaNovel due to its holey plot, lack of continuity and overall suckiness. However, if you want to know what sick, twisted creation my mind spawned last November, feel free to read the synopsis!
If you want to know more about what's going on in any of the stories (trust me, no question is too odd!) Then leave me a little comment below and I'll happily do a little "Twenty Questions" blog post to answer all your quieries :)

And the next purpose .... there isn't one xD
To make up for it, here's an awesome video I found on YouTube. Who thinks this should be my new theme song?



  1. AHHH! voltaire <3 last time i heard this song was in college :O

    Oh, and i'mma steal that "Merlin's underpants" line ;)

  2. Yiss! Luv luv LUV Voltaire at the moment. I have adopted this song as my new theme tune *grins*

    Have to ask Harry Potter about that one. That's where I stole it from :P

  3. Very appropriate :P

    Harry Potter is my bud - he won't mind ;)

  4. Glad you think so *grins*

    Of course! It's his girlfriend you have to watch - she's mean with that bat-bogey hex of hers, I can tell you!