Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Prize Typos from "Legend"

'Allo everyone!
As anyone who's taken a look at my "Scribblings" tab will know, I'm currently working on the the third installment of my fantasy trilogy. Amidst a lot of plotting, backstabbing, ambushing, snarling, snapping, swearing and pyromania, I have actually managed to give a couple of iffy scenes a read over in the past few days. Of course, as one often does in rough first drafts, I found typos.
And what magnificent typos. Here are a few of my favourites that I think you will all enjoy.

"Kairin winced and rubbed the mark on his chests" - So he's a pirate now? Arr!

"I can hardly even smell my own name!" - A bad case of BO perhaps?

"No doubt with the aim of conquering all who stood in his bath" - Touch the rubber ducks at your peril!

That's all for now folks!

-Spook (never realised how hard it was to write an assassination scene, let alone successfully bungle one)


  1. "I can hardly even smell my own name!" one of my friends has actually said that before! XD

    Typose are awesome BD

  2. Hehe, oh I do love them. Especially as they tend to pop up in scenes that are supposed to be really dramatic xD

  3. Hilarious!! :D :D
    The last one is my favourite.. I immediately imagined a golden-haired little kid 'conquering' his minions in the bath tub! :D :D

  4. What is the 'bath' one even supposed to be? It's hilarious, but I can't work it out!


  5. ^^^ I think bath is meant to be "path" in the last one :)

    ... Either that or Spook is making up words :P

  6. @Del - Yep, it was meant to be "path" ... but it didn't quite come out right, so now I have a slightly paranoid king conquering his bathtub :P

    Bahaha, glad you all liked them xD