Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thank God It's Over?

Three years seems such a neat number right now. Three years, three books. A trilogy, in more than one meaning of the word.

Yes, that's right. I've finally finished the trilogy. After all my griping, grumbling and fighting with unwanted plot twists and unco-operative characters, I have finally typed those fateful words: The End.
For the last time. At last, I close the door on Skatha and Errion and all the madness that has taken place there, and look on to a future where my slate is completely blank.

Legend clocks in at 94,147 words, including chapter titles. It's taken me nearly five months to write, including distractions ranging from camping expedition, sickness and a thousand and one phases of writer's block.
But it's done.
It's over.
The End.

I'm at that weird phase when you've finished a long-term project and aren't quite sure where to go next. My next project is leaping to the forefront of my head, begging for attention after so long, and there's a whole new world and all new characters to meet and mutilate. I'm really looking forward to it, but I can't help but look back and feel nostalgic. I've lived and battled with these characters for years, and now suddenly my part in their story is over. Gods know where they'll go now - probably off on some long holiday to recover from all the abuse I've put them through - but, for me, the story's over. I've put the link in its title in The Scribblings, I've taken the "(writing)" clause out of its document title, and I've even bothered to run the blasted spell checker through one more time.

It is well and truly over.

And I think I miss it already.


  1. (Oh Come On Spook, you know there's some party time to be had between Vervell and Skatha and the Errions too! - Sarah gins - I'll volunteer to make the soup!)
    (I'll get the meat - Martha wipes her hand on her arpon.)
    (I'll help with bread - Rebecca smiles.)
    (We'll get the beer! - Phoenix troop voluntters with Mathew in the lead.)
    (We'll provide the place - The Great-Grand Parents echo about.)

    Ha Ha they are parting in my head already and neither of us has finished posting. *grin*

    :} Elorithryn (aka Cathryn Leigh)

  2. (I'll take care of the entertainment - Sakiri and her troupe speak up)
    (And me! - Rahad jumps over their heads, keen not to be left out)
    (And I'll get to work on some honourary songs for the occasion - Tiff bows dramatically)

    Now there's a thought - if I'm stuck for what to do next I'll give him some love mebbe. I doubt his tale will be huge, but it'd be nice to see Snob again eh?

    That is, if Em, Laddie, Dallas and Rem don't drag me into Scatterank, or Sabby starts giving me a crash course in his peoples' history, or Myvanwy and Gale decide they need some attention, or ... aaah, so many ideas! xD

  3. Finished? I haven't even got a title for mine, and I've been writing it since the 17th (which was, like, two weeks ago!)...

    But I guess it's not the last time as you'll probably do editing work on it, won't you?

  4. @Del - Definitely not. In fact, I'm plotting an almost complete rewrite of the thing in the future. Make it more original and fun ... and a lot better written xD

    But not now. Right now, I'm going to go and do something else :)

  5. Really? Wow, know I got to finsh reading them :) Happy for ya Spook


  6. @Maggie - Aww, thank you! :)

  7. Finished! Oh, wow! And I haven't even finished reading the first one yet... That makes me feel terrible... !!! When are you going to get them published, then? And don't tell me you won't, because I know for a fact they're better than 99.9% of what I read at the moment!

    Well done, and heaps of congratulations =]
    ~West x

  8. @West - if Spook's drafts are better than the books you read at the moment ... why don't you read better books? ;) Lol, no offence to Spook, but there *is* still work to be done...

    @Spook - yay for rewriting! Watching is gonna be completely changed... Did I ever actually send you the most recent draft?