Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What Next: The Vote Goes To You!

Hallo everyone! It's me again!
I meant to go and post on my WordPress blog today, about my new project, but then I realised ... I don't have one. Well, technically I do - in fact I'm positively drowning under ideas right now! - but I have no idea which one to do. I can't possibly choose, because they're all so appealing in their different ways.

So, I thought, why not let the readers choose? I'm going to put up each option, plus a wee bit about the story and a few key words. The winner will be my new project!

Okay, so, here we go ...

Option One: "Hakel: Stories of the Past" -  A selection of short stories all about the lineage of one of my newly invented fantasy races. The making and breaking of the Myst-Hakel, from their humble beginnings and the first heroes who forged the beginnings of their legacy, to the height of their power - in which powerful families loved, lost, fought, feuded and, in the case of a line of misfit crossbreeds, saved the world quite by accident - to their tragic, turbulent end amidst the fire and grief of the Ending War.

Option Two (which I think I have posted about before): The great sprawling city of Scatterank is a whole new world to Deladier du Quenta, heir to one of the greatest fortunes in the known world. His naivety leaves him utterly helpless in a world of glittering treachery and smiling, subtle brutality. Thankfully for him, he has the friendship of Rembrandt and a gang of misfits from every walk of life. However, when dark deeds start to rise from the blackest corners of the city, Scatterank is in trouble. And Deladier has a horrible feeling that some of it comes from his new friends' own pasts ...

Option Three: "Faith" - Faith is an orphan; she never knew her parents, and her beloved older brother Valiant has been dead for nearly two years - slain by the vicious Heathen who lurk forever at the Sanctuary gates. She lives with Gentle and her husband Loyal, friends of the family, and leads a sheltered life under the care of the almighty Church and their watchful Gods. But all is not as it seems, and soon cracks begin to dent Faith's idyllic life. And the biggest crack of all comes in the form of the person she loved and lost all those years ago. Valiant himself.

And finally...

Option Four: Ceridwen has been doing well for herself. She's got a profitable set of clients, a comfortable haunt and unofficial immunity from the law, granted by her dangerous reputation. With the help of her shadowy confidant Axis, she and her small troop of miscellaneous mercenaries focus mainly on bringing in the money and staying out of the way of the law enforcement squads. However, the discovery and unwitting rescue of a child puts them all in terrible danger, and Ceridwen will need all her cunning to save her friends - and, in fact, the government of the city itself - from anarchy.

The titles up here are only provisional, and I will most likely change them when I think of better ones :P
Now ... take your pick!


  1. OKAY Tabby Is Screaching for the Hakal stuff (big surprise)

    Rachael is rooting for Scatterrank... (no surprise there either)

    And the other vast horde in my head thinks that last one looks interesting.

    So go for Number 3! *giggles*

    :} Elorithryn

  2. Oh Spook, why must you make us choose, you horrible girl :P

    I love the sound of all of them... but i am being pulled towards Option 2 the most. I remember it being mentioned before, and was kinda intrigued the first time. So am sticking to that one XD

  3. Thanks guys! So far Two and Three are in the lead (big surprise...)


  4. You describe all your books in the same way! If you ever write blurbs, you'll have to work on that ... it's impossible to choose, since you make them all sound more similar than they are :(

    Probably four. Don't know why. Just four. I reckon Bronwyn would approve ;)

  5. Hmm...I think I'm going to have to be a sheep and choose option three, but any of them sound awesome!

  6. Pssst! Spookybeast!

    Click my name... surprise!