Wednesday, 17 August 2011

"The Choice" - of Premise, Plotting and Poetry

The mother was a beauty,
They called her fairest maid,
The stars shone in her eyes as down
Upon her bed she laid.

The storm it heard her crying,
The thunder, and the flood,
It raged around the room as she,
She drenched the room in blood.

Her brother and her father,
Amidst her kindred’s cries,
Around her frozen corpse they saw
The child with bastard’s eyes.

A bastard born,
To purest Kin,
The star-child’s son,
A filthy sin.
A stain on fam’ly honour,
A plague, a curse, a blight,
To daughter of the morning born,
A thing of darkest night.

They honoured sweet Elithae,
Upon her death they cursed,
They did their utmost to conceal
The crossblood that she birthed.

They laid her down in starlight,
Among her kindred’s bones.
A false child buried, true son gi’vn
To a wizened crone.

They wanted him forgotten,
To help them soothe the pain,
They cast him out and cared not for
His future nor his name.

The stain on Mistlord honour,
The plague, the curse, the blight,
His name is Vidal, bastard-born,
Its meaning simply “spite”.

A bastard born
To purest Kin,
The star-child’s son,
A filthy sin.
A heartless scheming coward,
A traitor to the core,
The storm-born outcast who would forge
A legend from a war.

The poem that you have just had the pleasure of reading is, in fact, the premise to the first of the short stories that I am working on at the moment. It's not the story I was supposed to be working on, but as I'm in the opening stages of recovering from a nasty bout of Writer's Block, I'm not complaining. 

You may be seeing snippets of The Choice - the culprit responsible for spawning this poem - appearing on the blog before long, if you ask me nicely. So far, I have three stories properly mapped out: The Choice, The Flight and The Betrayal, but there are others just worming their way into the light. I'd ideally like to have seven stories (for reasons that would make more sense if you understood the symbolism of the number in the story's context), but we'll see how that goes.

In the meantime, read the poem, tell me what you think, and, if you desire, demand that I give you some snippets!


  1. Please let this post this time... *sigh*

    I've been having commenting issues.. I have to figure out why I can't comment on my own blog!

    Anyway, back when I first read this, I guessed it was about Vidal the stanza before his name was mentioned. *Grin*

    Yup. I think we know each others characters faily well eh?

    :} Cathryn Leigh

  2. Haha, indeed. AND HE MADE ME DO IT! I wasn't going to, but he made me ... git's nearly as bad as Danail xD