Saturday, 3 September 2011

I Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts!

Yes, that's right, the holidays are over. Personally I think there must be some sort of Time Thief running around, because I could have sworn my holidays were longer than this. Whoever you are, Time Thief, bring them back or I will hunt you down and stab you to death with a rusty spork. Seriously.

But, I have to admit, compared to what most people seem to be feeling in their Facebook status, I am actually rather looking forward to being back in good ol' Dun Holme. It's Lower Sixth year, therefore I have dumped, murdered and buried every subject that I hold in distaste, and am left with a schedule of only my favourites - and a lot more free sessions than I'm used to. This - if I work as well as I remember doing on essays - means I will hopefully be able to get a lot more work done during the day, and therefore have more time off in the evening to work on my writing.

Plus, because it's the Sixth Form, there are lots of perks - the school suit is a lot nicer than the uniform, though I must still malign it out of principle (don't get me started on that rant - it's quite scary), I get to sit in a comfy chair during house meetings (hee hee, I said comfy chair :3) and I get MY OWN ROOM! A proper room too, not just a cubicle on a corridor! Though I will miss the coridoor banter (and pray to God I'm not put in the Quad in Ald. West, because that means I'd get locked out every night moving from my prefectly duties in Dun Holme, and get no sleep whatsoever), I'm looking forward to a little bit more privacy. Plus, less things to distract me when I'm trying to work or write ... or do anything, really.

But enough about me. There's also some good news for you, my loyal readers!
My school life is a lot more exciting than my home one - I can tell you all about wonderful muddy adventures with the CCF, about funny drama exercises, about random incidents with friends and, really, anything else you want to know about boarding school - and probably a few things you don't.

Anyway, I'd probably better get back to packing ... I shall leave you with this! The epic song from the epic A Very Potter Musical, which, funnily enough, gave the title of this post its name.
If you watch nothing else on YouTube this year, watch this. Trust me.


  1. Just make sure you save the best bits for St. Mall's!

  2. Why does Draco sound like he being sound like he's being played by a girl?

    Man, Dumbledore has some lungs!

    *giggles* I see my blog over there....

    Spook, can I say I'm jealous. But I think you know that already. I bet a boarding school might have helped me tremendously. Ah well...

    I hope you have lots of fun this year (and no one dies).

    :} Elorithryn

  3. Tell me dear Spooky: is it just AVPM (and probably AVPS) you like? or are you fan of Starkid in general? Because if you're a fan of Starkid in general, i may have to tackle-hug you. Just a pre-warning there.

    Hope you have a good year at school! xxx

  4. @Mark - Of course! :D
    @Cayla - Yes, Draco IS played by a girl. A very very funny girl. And the only people who die will be in my novels ;)

    @Random - I am Starkid fan! I shall tackle-hug you first! *does so*

  5. :O gifs/images don't work on these stupid comment bits, but i think this is pretty appropiate right now:

  6. ... School internet blocks your piccie :(