Sunday, 16 October 2011

There's A Dragon on my Head!

Meet Llewellyn. He's a little red dragon, about the length of my forearm. He was a birthday present a few years ago, and since then has been my constant companion as I travel back and forth between school, home and a multitude of other very strange places.

Who needs a teddy bear? I have a dragon!


For reasons unbeknown to me, one of Llewellyn's eyebrows fell off about a week ago. Don't ask me how that happened - though I blame the vicious cuddling I must have been giving him the night before.


Llewellyn is a somewhat elusive creature during the day, but if you decide you want to look for him, then he can usually be found hibernating beneath the gorgeously warm duvet that I have reluctantly vacated at some ungodly hour of the morning.


Or, alternately, you might find him here...


And he's not alone! At home, in one of the many strangely-placed corners of my lair, I have a large fold-out box-thing (eloquent description, non?) that contains thousands more strange and wonderful creations. There's a large tiger, a dolphin or two, a massive snake that used to live on the edge of my bunk bed - yes, I have a bunk bed, be jealous - a rather grubby lamb that has been gnawed and loved since my infancy .... and even a unicorn. Because I'm just that cool.

What about you, dear readers? What manner of  critters like to invade the warm spots you leave when you are forced from your warm Elysium of comfort each morning? Or do they have other favourite haunts around your house / flat / room / spaceship? Tell away!


  1. Heh, thank you! I officially LOVE HIM :D :D :D Methinks I need a dragon.

    I have a massive teddy bear that I like to cuddle sometimes, but to be honest I'm not a big stuffed-creature/critter person :P I do have a key chain of Kurogane from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle that I look upon with fondness, though :P

    Oh and I just remembered! I have SUPER CUTE little stuffed donkey. He's so soft and adorable! XD

  2. Yay donkeys! I love them.
    Haha, most of mine are leftovers from my younger years - I just like to cuddle my dragon, because he's awesome. And squidgy. And a dragon - you don't get much cooler than that :)

  3. I have the same exact dragon O_O
    And another one that's golden. My bed is always inhabited by creatures; at the moment I have a bear wearing a scarf and hat (classy, eh?) a three-foot long lion and a pig. The pig goes everywhere with me. He has seen Delaware, Pennsylvania, London, and Paris. And a platypus. Because my lair would not be complete without a platypus.

  4. Platypi are epic. And really? They must be twins! Every awesome person should have a dragon ;)

  5. ... Where did you get him??! I have been looking for a decent dragon plush for YEARS, but all the ones i've found look like crap.

    I have a weird obsession for huskies, but there was no way in Hell i was ever going to get a real one (not while still living with the parents anyway) so last year i got given three of them, in soft toy form XD They sit on a box next to my bed.

    Burt the dinosaur (i've never been able to figure out what type though...) that i've had for donkey's years, who currently inhabits one of my shoulder bags.

    Then there's Eggbert the skeleton. He's not technically classed as a soft toy - he was originally a decoration for Halloween... but i stole him, and now he hangs from my bookshelf.

    Weird combination.

  6. As I said, he was a birthday present. And I think you ought to get one - every bedroom ought to have a dragon xD

    Haha, a skeleton and dinosaur? Now that's impressive *grins*