Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Would The Director Please Step Up and Accept her Prize!

Just a reiteration of my previous post, asking the lovely Director to comment and let me know what she'd like me to write her dedicated post about. Any topic goes - whether it be jelly, daleks, Aristotle, music trends or the funny shapes the stock market graphs make when you look at them sideways. Your prize, your say.

Also - mini NaNo update!

Current wordcount: 45,645
Current number of pages: 96
Sanity levels: So low you couldn't see them with a microscope

In the meantime, for all you other NaNo nutcases out there:


  1. Ack! Sorry, I've been swamped by illness and school and giant monsters..... o_O My most humble apologies.....

    Why don't you do a post on what keeps you writing- what makes you tick, what you do when you're running dry on inspiration.... and your absolute favorite villains (from stories that aren't yours, I'm sure you love your villains, naturally)...

    Sorry about the wait! *tips hat again*

  2. You been sick? Aww, that sucks. *hugs and hands over large box of tissues*

    One post on writing coming up!