Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Fourth Wall. I Breakz it.

.... all one of them *sads*
Y U guys no enter? Didn't understand it? Prize was pathetic? No time? Too busy fighting off daleks with a wooden spoon?
Never mind. Maybe I'll try again some other time.

Anyway, as I only had one entrant, the lovely Director from Castles, Quills and Cameras has sent in some entries. As my one and only entrant, she therefore wins my prize! *turns on the applause machine*
Now then, let's see what she said...

Sephirax: "Manipulative, deceptive, no one knows the real him (her?), hides behind masks- and is totally deadly." That's my Sephirax! And he's a he, you were right the first time ;)

Veraxes: "torn between duty and love, has strong convictions about both. Is earnest and a steadfast person." Absolutely!

Caiafal: (and I left like his song was more to him) "He's a good guy but has done wrong, and is ashamed of his dark side and needs to know he's safe. Needs someone to, ha, "stand by him"." Perhaps I should have been a wee bit more specific - Caiafal's really the one who would be singing the song, but to be honest you have hit some good points there. He does look every inch the gallant hero type, but he does do wrong and he is ashamed. As for the need for safety ... you're looking at the world's biggest social hypochondriac, haha!

So, in short WELL DONE TO THE DIRECTOR! leave me a comment below stating what you would like me to write your blog post about, and I will get it up here ASAP. And thanks for participating - you made me a happy Spook.


In other news, it is currently Day 13 of NanoWriMo!
Wordcount at this exact moment: 36,638
Number of pages currently full of words: 77
Major character near-death experiences or serious maimings: 3
Number of Fourth Wall breakages: I don't think I have much of a wall left to break.

Yes, dear readers, I have utterly annihilated the dreaded Fourth Wall. Here  I was hoping to do a good set of well-executed, lifelike and enthralling stories ... and then I hit the Wall. So I broke it. Once.

And then I did it again.

And again.

And again.


"Trust me," said Vidal, licking his bloodstained teeth, "nothing can go wrong this time. I bribed the author with jellybeans."

To some it was fate. To others, it was simply an unfortunate accident. To Gallirael, it was proof the the world and everything in it wanted to see him dead. He glared at his swollen feet, "Worst. Plot. Twist. EVER!"

"I don't suppose you'd care to explain this wonderful plan of yours to me, crossblood?"
"No. The author hasn't worked it out yet."

Pansanger smiled at Narkissa with such unctuousness that it made his author want to grind his smug little face into a wall.

"I thought you believed in a free society!"
"I thought you knew whose head we're living in!"

Gallirael cursed and looked behind him, rubbing his swollen ankles. "Curse those plot holes."

... NaNoWriMo fail. In the highest meaning of the word.


  1. Bwahahahaha.

    Those. Are. Hilarious. Besides, nothing in the Nanowrimo rules says you have to keep the forth wall!

    Sorry I missed your contest. I was being eaten by edits. :(

  2. Haha, true that. I just wish they didn't do it so much! Plot holes are getting worse - much to Gallirael's disgust xD

    No worries - I might try again with something a bit less time consuming another time. I had lots of fun picking out the songs anyway, tee hee!

  3. Gah- can't believe no one else did your fun-ness! *sad face*

    But yeah.... you're so funny :)