Sunday, 6 November 2011

Theme Tunes - Prizes and Bragging Rights to be Won!

The only problem with reality is that it doesn't come with a theme tune. Seriously, the amount of times I've done something and thought "that was bloomin' epic, why is there no rousing music in the background to reflect the sheer incomprehensible epicosity of what I've done?" - if I had a pound for every time, I'd make Bill Gates cry with jealousy.

But, unfortunately, the universal Power(s) That Be (God to me, dunno what he lets you call him) has decided that that would be a bad idea - possibly because it would encourage us to do daft things just to see what kind of music ended up playing. Smart move, but regrettable to teenage nutcases like me who spend waaaaaaay too long rambling to themselves inside the myriad corners of their overgrown imaginations.

So, in honour of passing 15k at NaNoWriMo, I decided that, if I couldn't have a theme tune, I'd pick a few out for some of my favourite characters. Some you will have heard about before, and some you will not - a mixed bag ought to make things a bit more fun, eh?

Now, readers, here's where you come in. I'm only going to give you the name of the character, followed by the tune I feel fits them best. Leave me a comment down below and tell me what sort of personality you would guess the character has judging by the song you heard. The person with the closest guess (for any song) will get an honourary blog post written about a topic of their choice!

And yes, I did put that in bold just to get your attention. Subtle marketer, aren't I?

Anyway, on with the show!








Because I'm a lovely kind person (and I honestly don't have the time to be chasing up votes for a while) I'm going to give you all one week to make your best guesses! Don't forget to invite your friends to vote, and remember that the lucky winner's requested post will reach a whopping audience of 26 readers (including you!). Plus, you get the bragging rights that you got to dictate a post, and tell all your friends how cool you are.

Now ... get listening! Enjoy the music, press repeat a bit, then send in your guesses! My fictional friends and I are dying to guess what you think.

Now, back to that novel. I think I was right in the middle of having someone strangled....


  1. This, my friend, is FUN.

    Okay, I can only do Sephirax right now because it is too-late-o'clock and I should be in bed xD

    I'll get to the rest of them asap, though, because it this epic.

    So, that said, Sephirax: (I'm so nervous I'm going to be totally off base and look stupid...)

    Manipulative, deceptive, no one knows the real him (her?), hides behind masks- and is totally deadly.

    *desperately hopes that some of that was right*

    Be back soon!

  2. Why has no one else joined this yet? *grumbles*

    Anyway, Veraxes: torn between duty and love, has strong convictions about both. Is earnest and a steadfast person.

    Caiafal: (and I left like his song was more to him) He's a good guy but has done wrong, and is ashamed of his dark side and needs to know he's safe. Needs someone to, ha, "stand by him" :)

  3. Thanks for entering! You've been freaking awesome - come invite your friends! I won't say anything about your answers yet - I'm still living in hope I might get a few more entrants xP